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Fleet Management Systems
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Wireless Fuel Management System allows you to track individual drivers and vehicles, fuel dispensing, odometer readings, and assists in preventative maintenance reports all with NO human intervention.

What can FuelShield do for you?

  • Cut fuel consumption by up to 25%
  • Provide unattended yet secured access to refueling processes
  • Physically guarantee that fuel is dispensed to authorized vehicles and drivers
  • Eliminiate spillage by cutting off fuel flow whenever nozzle is removed from the authorized vehicle or fuel tank
  • Speed up fueling
  • Automatically record and recouncile fuel consumption
  • When integrated with FuelMeasure, SmartLog or SmartMile, improve fleet performance and reduce down time through preventive maintenance.

Where used?

  • Private Fueling Facilities (Fuel Yards) of Truck fleets or other type of vehicles (e.g. Fork Lifts, Generators etc.) who need to privately fuel their fleets.
  • Onsite Mobile Tankers and Oil Jobbers sending tank trucks to customer locations and fueling their vehicles for them or providing bulk deliveries of fuel to service stations.

In order to discuss further about these solutions, don't hesitate to contact with us at e-mail: rain@e-transport.ee